Банк Приднестровья

Pridnestrovian Republican Bank

Банк Приднестровья сообщает о дополнительном канале обратной связи

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Bulletin PMR
Вестник ПРБ

Official exchange rate
c  21.09.2019
 Flag   Currency    Course     
USD 16.1000
EUR 17.7792
RUB 0.2524
UAH 0.6540
MDL 0.8939


Precious metals
c  21.09.2019
     Metals           Prices     
(XAU) Gold778.2723
(XAG) Silver9.2655
(XPT) Platinum492.2629
(XPD) Palladium850.9264


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PRB bulletin


"Pridnestrovian Republican Bank Bulletin" (PRB Bulletin) is an official publication of the Central bank of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Published since August 1999. Circulation 110 copies. 

"PRB bulletin" publishes information on currency exchange and other financial markets, monetary and credit indicators (dynamics and structure of money aggregates, structure and volumes of crediting, cash turnover indicator, etc.) 

Payment balance of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and International investment position of Trans-Dniester Moldavian Republic, as well as their analysis, are published in "TRB Bulletin" on a quarterly basis. 

In "TRB Bulletin" you can find analysis of the Balance of money income and expense of the population of Trans-Dniester Moldavian Republic, analysis of other macroeconomic indicators and their compasiron to analogous macroeconomic indicators of other countries. 

"Pridnestrovian Republican Bank Bulletin" is available only in Russian