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Pridnestrovian Republican Bank

Основные направления единой государственной денежно-кредитной политики на 2022 год

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History of coins and banknotes


Evolution of the money reference - part of a history of our region. Character and intensity of the money reference directly are connected to a history of economic development of edge: the years characterized by rise, were replaced by deep depression, and on the contrary. Within many centuries in our territory money of the different states and peoples replaced each other. Allocate the following periods of the money reference in territory Pridnestrovie:

Antique(IV century. - V century);
Medium of century (VI- XV c.);
Polish-turkish (end XV - end XVIII);
Russian (end XVIII in. - 1917);
Soviet (1917 - 1990).

As ring of a centuries-old history of the monetary reference in region it is possible to consider occurrence Pridnestrovie: of paper money and coins.

After formation Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in 1990 the Soviet money marks continued to carry out functions of a payment means up to middle of 1994. Their fast depreciation has resulted in replacement from the reference of coins, which use because of low nominal cost has lost any sense. The next years in region had circulation only paper money.

In the beginning 90 years, when the republics former USSR began to enter own currency, huge weight of the Soviet money marks has rushed on pridnestrovian the market. Trying to protect a financial system, the government PMR in July, 1993 has accepted the decision to modify the Soviet banknotes by glueing on them of the special mark with the image Suvorov and designation of face value (fig. 1).


The great Russian commander and founder Tiraspol appeared and on many others pridnestrovian money marks.

In August, 1994 the region has received own monetary unit - pridnestrovian rouble. In the name of monetary unit the traditional name - rouble used in Pridnestrovie still from the end XVIII in was kept., т. е. More than 200 Years (except for the period of occupation). The next countries also have entered own currency: Ukraine - hrivna (under the name russian of monetary unit); Мoldova - Lei, which was used in Bessarabia with 1918 for 1940, when she was included into structure of royal Romania.

New rouble exchanged on 100 Soviet roubles. However even such fine face values pridnestrovian of money, as 1, 5 and 10 roubles were paper.

However, hiperinflation of the next years gradually washed away denominations more and more and larger advantage, and in 2000 fine in circulation was a denomination in 10 000 roubles.

In 2000 first are issued Pridnestrovian of a coin - memorable coins in honour 10-Years Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic by advantage in 25 and 50 roubles, mint from nicel of an alloy. On a face sheet of these coins the arms PMR is placed. On the back of 50-rouble coin the monument and is represented. Suvorov, on 25-rouble - building of the Supreme Body (fig. 2).


From a beginning of 2001 the replacement old pridnestrovian of money marks on new in the ratio 100 000 was carried out: 1.

The new banknotes PRB of a sample of 2000 have essential differences from old money marks Pridnestrovie. On banknotes the face value 1, 5, 10, 25 roubles PMR on a face sheet represents the great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov (fig. 3).


On a face sheet of a banknote by face value 50 roubles PMR is represented classic of the Ukrainian literature Taras Shevchenco (rice 4).


On a face sheet of a banknote TRB by advantage 100 roubles we see Moldavian thcar Dmitry Kantemir, which was outstanding scientific, philosopher, colleague and personal friend Petr Great (fig. 5).


Except for banknotes in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 roubles in the reference have come change coins. The coins in 1, 5 and 10 copecks were minted from an aluminium alloy, and in 50 and 25 copecks (last are entered in 2002) - from a zinc alloy.


In eve of celebrating of 11-Year’s anniversary from the date of formation Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in PMR new series of memorable coins dated for this significant event were issued.

PRB the memorable silver coins Pridnestrovian Republican Bank from series "The Outstanding people Pridnestrovie" both silver and gold coins from a series "Orthodox temples Pridnestrovie" were entered into the reference.

Choice of subjects of coins not сause. Pridnestrovie to be glorified talented scientific, figures of arts, musicians. Their names are known far outside PRM. It is the famous chemist Nicolay Zelinsky, geocolumns and biologist Lev Berg, surgeon with a world name Nicolay Sklifosovsky, artist - art Мichail Larionov.

Pridnestrovie keeps traditions christian Orthodox. During persecutions on Church many temples in our edge were destroyed. Restored and again constructed sacred Church a series "Orthodox temples" is devoted.

The materials of a sketch Krivenco А. are used. and Krivenco V. Coins and monetary reference in Transdniester " // "The Annual historical almanac". - 2003. - # 7.